Global Goat-
Travelling App

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  • Client Global Goat Travelling App
  • Start Date 03 October 2023
  • Handover 05 October 2023
Global Goat Travelling App

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The Global Goat Travelling App is a revolutionary platform that connects travellers with local goat owners around the world. Users can browse, book and review goat experiences in more than 100 countries, from goat yoga to goat cheese making. The app also features a social network where users can share their goat stories and photos with other goat lovers.
The app's user interface was designed by Guaranteed Design, a leading company in the field of app design and development. Guaranteed Design has a proven track record of creating intuitive, attractive and user-friendly interfaces for various clients and industries. The company's designers followed the principles of user-centered design, conducting extensive research and testing to understand the needs and preferences of the app's target audience. The result is a sleek, modern and fun interface that reflects the app's brand identity and values.

Global Goat Travelling App

UI-UX Design

The app's main screen consists of four tabs: Home, Explore, Profile and Settings. The Home tab shows the user's current location, weather and recommended goat experiences nearby. The Explore tab allows the user to search for goat experiences by destination, category, price, rating and availability. The Profile tab displays the user's personal information, bookings, reviews, favourites and achievements. The Settings tab lets the user customize the app's language, currency, notifications and other options. The app also has a floating action button that enables the user to quickly access the app's chat feature, where they can chat with other users or contact the app's support team.
The app's interface uses a vibrant color scheme of green, yellow and orange, inspired by the natural colors of goats and their habitats. The app also incorporates playful icons, illustrations and animations that enhance the app's visual appeal and usability. The app's typography uses a sans-serif font that is easy to read and matches the app's tone of voice. The app's tone of voice is professional, informative and friendly, conveying the app's expertise, reliability and passion for goats.

Global Goat Travelling App

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