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  • Category Branding
  • Client Bird Book App
  • Start Date 23 May 2023
  • Handover 05 July 2023
Bird Logo & Branding

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Bird is a library book app that helps users find, borrow and return books from their local libraries. The logo design for Bird reflects the app's mission and features. The logo consists of a stylized bird icon in blue and yellow colors, representing the freedom and joy of reading. The bird also forms a book shape, suggesting the app's connection to libraries and books.

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Visual and typograpy hierarchy

The logo uses a bold font for the app name, creating a strong and confident impression. The logo design for Bird is simple, elegant and memorable, conveying the app's value proposition and personality.

Font Style
  • regular This is text message
  • Medium Medium typography
  • SemiBold Just Amazing
  • bold Awesome
Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image Portfolio Image

Bird is a library book app that helps you discover, borrow and read books from your local library. The logo design reflects the app's mission of connecting readers with books that inspire them. The blue and yellow color scheme represents the sky and the sun, symbolizing the freedom and joy of reading. The bold font conveys a sense of confidence and reliability, as well as a modern and sleek aesthetic. The logo design is simple yet memorable, capturing the essence of Bird as a library book app.

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